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Short description

Mission Brief

Handful is a multiplayer snowball arena game. Splash your friends in a cute snowball fighter.

Handful was developed around the ideas of being able to play one handed and deformable terrain, becoming the experience pillars of the game.

Notable features:

  • Randomized character appearance
  • Deformable terrain
  • Power-ups

The game was developed during LvL's Game Jam 1.0

Duration: 48h

Theme: One Handed

Engine: Unreal Engine


Project Length: 48h

Team size: 3 people

1 Game Designers

2 3d Artists

Developed in: Unreal Engine

My roles

  • Game Design
  • Visual Scripting - Blueprints

Software used


  • Unreal Engine
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Trello


Randomized Characters

Handful features 180 different character combinations:

  • 3 different skin tones
  • 4 different shirt colors
  • 5 different hairstyles
  • 3 different hair colors

Which combined with headgear:

  • 8 different hats
  • 6 different helmets

Which gives us a total of 2,520 different character appearances.

Deformable Terrain

To create the deformable terrain I created a snow material using render targets. A SceneCapture component attached to cameras transform creates a snapshot of the game environment from below every frame in a 2048x2048 square. The render target texture is then used as a mask for the world displacement and color lerp in the snow material.


Hats and helmets act as extra lives. Once hit by a snowball the player loses their headgear. And will be knocked out by the next snowball that hits them.

When a player is knocked out they ragdoll and start making snow angels

Game Designer & Scripter

Thank you for looking through my Portfolio!

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