Logdans (Lodge Dance) is a survival party game where the main focus lies in Surviving swedish midsummer themed events.

You play as either a stooge or maid trying to survive hellish events on a dance lodge

Core mechanics include events that knock out the player if hit. Each event also features a mechanic that destroy the lodges breakable floor putting the players on a timer, making it increasingly difficult to stay on the map.


My roles

The game was developed during LvL's Game Jam 2.0 : Verano Edition.

Duration: 48h

Theme: Summer Nights

Engine: Unreal Engine

Software used

Project Length: 48h

Team size: 4 people

2 Game Designers

2 3d Artists

Developed in: Unreal Engine

  • Game Design
  • Visual Scripting - Blueprints


  • Unreal Engine
  • TortoiseSVN
  • Trello

Mission Brief


Event Manager

To make the game fast to to iterate and accessible to 2 programmers. I created an event manager.

To shorten the creation and implementeation of new events. All events derive from an event blueprint that includes base functionality, like start and end triggers that hook back into the Event manager.

All that was needed to create the event was a launch message, with a header and description, that are animated through a widget blueprint. 

Once the event is completed all that is needed is to call Event complete that calls back to the event  manager beginning the countdown to the next event.

Event Manager

Generic UI animation for event popups


Designed and scripted by me




No swedish midsummer is complete without a maypole. 

This one will make you dance if you want to stay on your feet.

  • Bursts through the floor at a random location
  • The maypole extends its arms for extra reach
  • can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Kills players on touch


Get rid of the king

As swedish as surstromming. Kubb is a traditional game where you knock down pawns until the king has fallen.

And now, you are the pawn!

  • Every stick targets a random player
  • Event is active until the king is removed from the game board.
  • The players can stop the event by kicking the king out of the board.
  • Players hit are knocked out

Sma Grodorna

No ears no tail but a big appetite

Every year the swedes perform a cultural sacrificial dance. Offering their dignity in exchange for protection from this ancient predator. She may lack some of her senses, but it's a frog eat frog world. Stay clear her tiny prey or you might find yourself in the jaws of death.

  • Spawns a tiny frog at random
  • Spawns a big from at random, eating its way to the small frog
  • Players caught in it's jaws are knocked out

Not Designed or scripted by me



It's raining boots

A combination between swedens #1 sport and the classic summer weather. The end product dangerous ironic rain.

  • Spawns boots on top of the players position forcing constant movment.
  • Targets all players at the same time.
  • Knocks out any player hit


crests of death

Flowery loops of pure carnage. These half dafodill half buzz saws shred the game board in no time.

  • 5 flower crests shred their way through the map
  • Any player hit will be knocked out


storm of iron

A common misconception is that the horseshoe is a token of good luck. It's actually one of the most common causes of death on the dance lodge.

  • A huge horse shoe starts tornadoing through the map
  • The player can dodge the lethal metal by either fleing or standing in its hollow center.
  • Knocks out players on contact.

Physics & Mayhem

The Lodge

To make the Lodge destructible I built it out of pre split planks, that are set to simulate physics when they are overlapped by any of the event objects. 

Surprisingly effective in execution. The only performance precaution that had to be made was deactivating shadows, which had no noticeable visual impact. 

The other method for performance improvements would have been swapping the meshes upon activation. Keeping the blueprints as pre-separated pieces was faster and easier to build for our modelling team allowing them to set up the assets by themself.

slightly reducing workload.


...yes, only the spotlights are dynamic

Game Designer & Scripter

Short description

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