Not A Plant is a physics platformer where the main focus lies in physics based movement.

You play as a mutated plant in search of your creator.

Not A Plant was not a successful project as a whole. The final game is far from the original concept. Which was intended as a puzzle platformer in a playground environment.

The project gave me a lot of experience working with visual scripting in blueprints.

Even if the project was unsuccessful it was a huge learning experience which has improved my practices in Unreal Engine and structure when it comes to blueprints.


Project Length: 4 weeks

Team size: 12 people

3 Game Designers

3 3d Artists

3 2d Artist

3 programmers

Developed in: Unreal Engine

My roles

  • Game Design
  • Visual Scripting - Blueprints

Software used


  • Unreal Engine
  • Perforce - P4V
  • Trello


The original design was intended as a physics puzzle platformer, where the player was supposed to solve challenges in a playground and sandbox style environment. Those mechanics are documented further down.

I scripted all of the mechanics below in Blueprints. Some were lated translated to C++ by the programming team.


Not A Plant was reworked to the point of being an entirely different game than it set out to be.

This is a documentation of many scripts that never made it to the final build, due to nightmare deadlines and lacking communication

Tongue / Rope mechanic

The Tongue is the core mechanic of Not A Plant it's a tool for moving around the level. It was designed and scripted by me using blueprints. The only character mechanic surviving to the final version of the game.

The tongues purpose is to enable the character to move around the level allowing the player to reach areas they would otherwise could not.

Secondary purpose is to move objects around the level by dragging, lifting, pulling and chaining objects together. which was part of the core design in the original concept.

Moving Objects

The player can drag around physics objects. The tongue acts as a spring. applying force on both actors making heavier objects naturally harder to move.

Tethering objects

The tongue can be attached to walls or other objects.

To create new suspended platforms to stand on, or attaching weights to a seesaw puzzles or other weight puzzles as was originaly intended.

Old Mechanics

Liquid volumes

The original game was set in a bio-laboratory.

Housing both watering facilities as well as acid pools to dissolve objects contaminated by the super plants.


Power Stations

The original concept played out in a dereliced facility. Where the player had to find power cores to put into the facilitys power stations. Once activated they could power things like elevators and cranes unlocking more potential puzzles in the level.


Generic Spawners - tool

To ease the placement of particle emitters and actor spawners, I made these blueprint tools to make level editing easier.

The spawners could be triggered through generic interface calls allowing them to be triggered by the power station or other trigger objects.

Conveyor belts

To make the factory feel alive I created conveyor belts that transport both player and physics objects.

Just like all other objects, these can be set to start active or be powered up by power stations.

Example of the systems working in tandem


Cranes were a natural addition to the environment. Meant to help the player transport objects that were too heavy to lift by the player themself.

The crane makes use of a node system that keeps track of whether the crane should grab or release upon reaching the node. This was a rapid prototype a spline would have been more efficient for complex paths.

(Sped up for demonstration)

Game Designer & Scripter

Short description

Mission Brief

Make a game with Emergent Gameplay.


Must be developed in the Unreal Engine.


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