WorstMart Retail Mayhem

Worst Mart: Retail Mayhem is a light hearted local versus collection game.

You are a happy shopper at Worst Mart.

The store is closing soon, so collect your groceries quickly. Be wary there are other shoppers also looking for the best deals, they will try to get your groceries at any cost.

The idea is based on the common urge to go crazy in a grocery store.


Project Length: 2 weeks

Team size: 8 people

3 Game Designers

4 3d Artists

2 2d Artist

Developed in: Unreal Engine

My roles

  • Game Design
  • Visual Scripting - Blueprints

Software used


  • Unreal Engine
  • Perforce - P4V
  • Trello

Collectibles & powerups


To win in WorstMart you have to collect the most groceries.

To help you in your shopping you can pick up power-ups. Some being powerful boosts, other dangerous projectiles


Groceries award the player points when picked up. They havea yellow and golden higlight to stand out from other groceries in the level.

Power-ups are specific groceries that can be used to improve the players movement speed or used as weapons do disrupt other shoppers that have a blue outline to stand out from other groceries in the level. 


Speed Boost

When collecting beans the player gets a huge temporary speed boost


The Charge is an active player ability with a short cooldown. Allowing the player to charge a quick dash attack to knock groceries out of other shoppers carts

"It's not the fart that kills it's the smäll" ~ Famous swenglish proverb

Slow Grenade

Grocery remover

Showe Grenade

Speed Boost

Grocery Remover

A well placed flower pot will knock a grocery out of another shoppers cart.

Shove Grenade

Send your opponents flying by throwing a high speed cactus their way.

Physics & Mayhem

Wrecking Havoc

One of the core aesthetics in Worst Mart is watching the carnage unfold as you run through the shopping isles.

There are hundreds of items to knock down from shelves. All using physics without any performance impact.

Shelf set up

Each shelf keeps track of it's own props.

When a player or other physics prop overlaps the collision box component of the shelf. 

All static mesh childobjects under the parent 'PhysicsObjects' scene component have physics activated.

My intention was to make it as easy as possible for other team members to create many different variations of shelves and isle displays with the same workflow.

Initial versions had the physics simulation deactivated after a set amount of time in order to reduce unnecessary physics ticks.

After some reasearch Unreals physics engine put the physics into sleep mode making optimization attempts unnecessary.

Character physics

The WorstMart shoppers are ment to be wacky and flaily maniacs.

To get the desired effect the characters use physical animation.

Character animation blueprints are very simple managing a single blendspace based on velocity.

Some of the character models have very short arms. I tried giving the granny character an accessory for extended reach, it proved successful resulting in all characters getting their own personal accessory for some extra reach and additional flavor.

Set up of physical animations:


Game Manager

The game manager keeps track of spawning players, tracking score, spawning power-ups, and spawning groceries. et.c.

To speed up the level design process, special blueprint nodes are used as spawnpoints for powerups.

the nodes have a isle attribute to make sure they are equaly likely to end up in one of the three store sections of the level creating more back and forth action through the level.


  • Gardening
  • Freezers
  • Grocery

Game Over:

The winner is placed on a podium. The score is calculated using a simple bubble sort.

Power up timer:

Game Designer & Scripter

Short description

Mission Brief

The mission was to create a physics based "runner" game.


The game should have at least 20 different physics interactions.

Must be developed in the Unreal Engine.

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